Frequently asked question

The token is to confirm the slot bookings and avoid any last minute delays or inconvenience The token amount will be adjusted in the final payment of your quotation
The cost of furniture shifting is generally decided on the truck you choose or the volume of your furniture and its accessibility to and from the truck If you want to know a clear idea about the cost of relocation, then contact us
There are several factors on which different companies charge – based on volume, distance, the duration of relocation, etc
It depends on the distance of your relocation If it is a local move, then it can average around 2000 to 15000 If it is a long-distance move, then it can go up to 10000
The cost of moving is usually included in the total cost of hiring a truck. It is decided based on your hiring needs – either each service cost or a fixed cost based on volume and distance
RK Packers and Movers are the best ways of doing shifting, moving household goods from one place to another They understand all the necessary needs of clients and deliver them the most affordable and impressive services from any part of India
RK Packers and Movers Ajmer serves you affordable, cheap, and flexible shifting quotations and for local shifting, we charge you nearly Rs 3500 to 6000 for every 1BHK apartment, Rs 6000 to 7500 for 2BHK houses and Rs. 8000 to 11000 for 3BHK houses The rates mentioned above are just an estimate and approximate figures because the actual charges are counted with the distance and quantity you carry. So these moving charges mentioned above are just an estimated figure which stands so near to the actual figures