Corrugated Cartoon Boxes

Corrugated Cartoon boxes used for proper packing of household goods by RK Packers And Movers. Corrugated Cartoon boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes as it is the most commonly used household Packing material that is used by Packers Movers Company. The cardboard is a good protective material, which type of box used depends on the kind of Goods you pack. It doesn’t damage the surface of your belongings like clothes, kitchen items. The boxes can be folded to save space in your house, when not in use. They are by far, the most practical packing material.

Wrapping Paper

The wrapping paper is usually the first protective layer in the packaging of delicate household items. Usually, items made of glass, porcelain, ceramics, and other fragile materials are first individually wrapped in wrapping paper or newspaper before being packed in large cardboard or suitcases. It can also be wrinkled and filled in a space to use as a filler. The wrapping paper is economical and is available as clean white or brown wrapping paper. It leaves no marks or dirt on the surface of the object. RK Packers and Movers always use wrapping paper or newspaper for packing glass items.

Corrugated Sheet

The corrugated sheet is used for packing your valuable household goods by Rk Packers And Movers. Corrugated Sheets are large and thick in size and can be easily bought and wrapped around large furniture such as cabinets, Sofa, and display pieces. This sheet protects against all types of scratches and dents and is covered with dust and dirt during transportation. It also provides additional cushioning + protection. We can also wrap bulky items down the stairs to avoid scratches and damage to goods. Wrapping heavy items like refrigerators, sofa, Almira, Bed parts, Dining Table and washing machines with Corrugated Sheets will protect them properly. If the road is rough, wrapping it in the Corrugated Sheet is very beneficial. A corrugated Sheet is a very good protective layer and helps prevent any type of damage, such as scratches.

Thermocol Sheet

Thermocol is a packaging material used to protect expensive products like dressing tables, dining tables, refrigerators, TV, washing machine, computer, laptop, and other big glass items. They can be used as gap fillers also. Currently, Thermocol after being used is thrown away and is not being recycled RK Packers and Movers are the use thermocol for packaging of glass articles, gift articles, and electronic.

Packing Tapes

The main use of the packing tape is as a reinforcing agent. Add layers of packing tape to the top, upper side, bottom side, and bottom of the box so that the box is sturdy. This makes the difference between the success and the failure of the packed goods. RK Packers and Movers do not buy cheap tapes of the type used to close and reinforce boxes and other packaging materials for goods packing. Poor quality tapes are less strong, less sticky. Easily remove and expose the contents of the box to moisture, dirt, and dust. The use of high-quality tape will save you many unnecessary damaging problems while shifting. so we use only the best quality tapes only.

Stretch Film Wrap

This is a Plastic elastic wrap that the Packers and Movers Team are familiar with for making packed goods for making waterproof. This packaging material also called “elastic-plastic wrap” or “adhesive wrap”, is very elastic. And it is used to wrap perishable items such as food, box, packed items, and drinks, keeping the container tightly closed to prevent spillage. It is used to wrap furniture with drawers and doors so that they cannot be opened. Plastic wrappers work tightly to keep moisture, dust, and dust out. Therefore, it is very convenient to wrap wooden furniture.

Bubble Sheet

The bubble is a plastic material used to wrap goods. With enough layers, this wrap can protect virtually anything, even if it is almost susceptible to damage. And it does so without fear or risk of scars of objects and dirt. In the market, there are various grades of Plastic bubble and sheet thickness, different sizes of bubble, and sheet thickness available. Bubble wrap is exceedingly good at its primary function: to keep goods safe and secure during transit. Freight transit unfortunately often includes rough handling or bumps in the road—thus, shippers protect their goods with bubble wrap. Its bubbles of sealed air provide a flexible but durable cushion that forms a surprisingly sturdy barrier against impact. When doubled or tripled up in layers and combined with a sturdy corrugated shipping box, it can protect goods from even severe impacts.

Labeling on Boxes

Labeling a Particular box is an appreciated activity. It seems necessary when moving household or office goods. Because when you need a toothbrush, fresh clothes, and soap to get to a new home in a new city, then start unpacking, then save your time proper labeling on the label the box and the exact place to find these things quickly. Having a labeled box can save the Packers Movers Team or your lots of time and effort unnecessary during unpacking. There are many ways to label boxes and packed with their name. Self-adhesive labels are based on commercially available indexes in packing inventory. Use plain white paper and paste it into the box and write the contents of the box on separate paper. Alternatively, RK Packers and Movers Ajmer Team writes directly on the box with a black marker.