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The most accurate way to estimate your move is to come to your home or office and see your space and your furnishings.

How do you come up with an accurate estimate?

Our Move Manager will visit your Home or Office and take a look at your space and your furnishings.

He will take note of oversized furnishings and high-value items that might take some time to properly pack and load.

He will also look for things like narrow hallways and stairways, which might add extra time.

He will account for your destination; whether or not you want to pack yourself or you want us to pack for you; and whether or not items will need to go into storage.

He will finally provide you with an estimate that breaks everything down; your transportation, the number of hours or days needed, the number and types of trucks necessary, the number of staff members required, and the estimated weight of your Home or Office Items.

What to Note about the Price.

The cost of a local move is dependent on a wide variety of factors like the size of the move, equipment accessibility, services requested, number of boxes, kind of furniture, distance, type of house, hallways, wrapping materials, stairways, manpower, etc.